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Enabling HTTPS on localhost when running Create React App (CRA) locally

Create React App (CRA) is convenient and easy way to setup initial boiler plate when developing React App. To start building React App using CRA, we generally use following steps to start setup and run default CRA app. After running these steps we will generally see the React app running locally on http://localhost:3000. But when we deploy and run app

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The request body did not contain the specified number of bytes. Got 0, expected xxx – Internet Explorer Issue

When you try to re-POST subsequent requests from Internet Explorer browser it only sends only the header data is posted. As a result you will receive error in response – The request body did not contain the specified number of bytes. Got 0, expected xxx. There is already a Hotfix available at Microsoft Knowledge Base General Repro Steps –

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SharePoint 2010/2013 Date Comparison in different Time Zones

Working with DateTime in SharePoint is always tricky since it stores values internally in UTC and when we tried to access it in CSOM or SOM in different Time zone we have to be very careful while filtering on Created, Modified Date columns. Time Zone plays very crucial roles in any Date Time difference calculation. When we do difference in

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jQuery based Resource Localization

Create client side (JavaScript) based Resource Localization in any web application. Extremely light-weight library, just 3KB (Minified) and 8KB(Debug) version. Implementing client side localization into any web application is always challenge. Most of web technologies provide localization using server-side technologies. For e.g. .Net application uses Resources Files(.resx) to implement localization into globalization application. Nowadays world is extensively moving towards Asynchronous

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JQuery Culture Information Plugin

Accessing Culture Information for all available cultures in JavaScript is always difficult and most of the web developer has to search on internet for this information. There may be several options available to fetch this information into Server-side technologies like ASP.Net, JAVA, PHP, and etc. But in JavaScript it is very difficult to find this information at one place. To

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Associate Custom Content Type with SharePoint 2010/2013 List Or Library using PowerShell

To automate deployment in SharePoint 2010/2013 on-premise solution, we have to use PowerShell. One of the deployment activity is creating SharePoint Custom Lists/Libraries and associating them with custom created content types. In this article we will be focusing only how to add/remove content types from the List/Library. To add content type follow below steps – Get Reference to Site collection

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Understanding Features and Feature Scope in SharePoint 2010

What is SharePoint 2010 Features? SharePoint Features is part of Packaging and Deployment in SharePoint 2010 Features make it easier to activate or deactivate functionality in the course of a deployment, and administrators can easily transform the template or definition of a site by simply toggling a particular Feature on or off in the user interface. Features are stored under

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Web Application Limits and Boundaries in SharePoint 2010

This article describes Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 software boundaries and limits. These include the following: Exceeding any of Supported limits may cause Performance Issue in SharePoint 2010. Maximum size of Document in SharePoint 2010 is 2GB Default Threshold of Document Size in SharePoint 2010 is 50MB 250000 maximum recommended number of site collections per Web application is supported in SharePoint

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What is AJAX

What is AJAX ? AJAX is Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. The XmlHttpRequest is an actual object which works behind the scene. Ajax implementation uses JavaScript functions to call methods from a webservice, webpage request in response to get response. Response data is parsed using DOM. Asynchronous data retrieval using XmlHttpRequest Advantages of AJAX Reduce the traffic travels between the client

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Garbage Collection in .NET

Garbage Collection in .NET Garbage Collector provide automatic Memory Management in .NET. It is Component of .net CLR (Common Language Runtime). Follow are the advantages of Garbage Collection – It allocates memory objects on heap efficiently. Develop application without worrying about releasing of memory. Reclaims object that are no longer in use, clear their memory and keep it available for